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Video Production and Advertising

Television ads reach targeted audiences to sell consumers’ products. Creative, imaginative, and engaging ads inspire, excite, convey information, and generate brand loyalty.

Ads personalize the relationship between a business and a consumer.

TV advertising is a leading advertising format used to convey a paid message on television, typically promoting a product, brand, or service. TV advertising remains one of the most influential and popular marketing mediums.

There are five types of advertising:

Display Advertising

Video Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Cable Television Advertising

Paid media advertising is designed to match the content of a media source. Our creative team will write the script, produce the commercial and negotiate the ad space.

We offer targeted TV buys that reach exact households. We monitor and report the results to our clients. There’s no wasting your advertising dollars!

Creative Development

Our in-house creative team will bring your most valuable messaging to life for a fraction of the cost, with pricing based on a percentage of your media buy.

Content Production

Our creative department can work with your existing creative partners to produce additional content. We love working with other creatives!

Branding plays a significant role for consumers when deciding where to spend their money. A business that utilizes several avenues to display its products or services to its customers sends a message that they’re reputable and established. Consumers feel more comfortable with brands that advertise on cable or broadcast media.

If you’ve never branched out into this fascinating world of video marketing, please call us at 559-936-6578 to discuss your ideas. We can make your vision a reality!