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Why You Still Need PR (Now, More than Ever)

With the slow demise of traditional media, many companies are questioning whether public relations is also dead. In short, yes, traditional PR as we once knew it ––where pros solely relied on their relationships with editors and producers to slot stories in magazine, newspaper and TV outlets––is toast.

But like a phoenix rising, a new PR has emerged, and its relationship to the success of your business is every bit as significant as its predecessor. Undoubtedly one of the most prominent lessons to emerge from 2020 is adaptability, and the best PR pros will have mastered it. While PR may now be less about “earned” media spots, its focus on credible and valuable messaging to consumers and visible, timely content remains the same.

More than ever, companies need to reach their customers in compelling ways on the digital platforms they frequent, which is why Forbes recently called PR in a pandemic, “priceless.” Read on to see why having a PR pro in your corner is more important than ever.

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